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    1. Do not advertise here. ONE discreet link to your Graphic design portfolio in your signature is acceptable, but blatant advertising and commercial links are not. (This includes posting referral links and links to other forums.) We do allow links to products and services if they are relevant to the topic, and the forum itself. All links and posts are reviewed by the admins and can be deleted if the admin decides to remove it..

    2. Personal attacks, fowl language, or purposeless inflammatory comments are not allowed.

    3. Discussions of religious or political nature, political groups, and political activities that may impact or affect Public Safety, National Security and Insurgency are likewise not allowed.

    4. Do not request free work here be it for services or artwork. Graphic design is how we earn a living. If you ask us to work for free, your thread will be deleted, and you will be banned.

    5. Discussion of illegal activities such as use of prohibited drugs is not allowed.

    6. Do not disrupt a forum by deliberately posting repeated irrelevant messages or posting the same question in multiple areas of the forum (also known as "flooding"). It makes things confusing and unorganized. Most regular members find new threads by clicking the "New Posts" link at the top of the page, so they will find your thread easily even if it is not in a part of the forum that they frequent. There is no need to post things more than once.

    7. Discussions about pricing are not allowed. You can communicate via private message if both parties agree.

    8. Do not take another person's work that has been posted for critique and "redo" it for them.

    9. Do not post another persons design for critique. It is our policy to only allow critiques of work posted by the original artist.

    10. Do not re-post your blog entries in the forum.

    11. Posting or promoting illegal use of software will result in user being permanently banned.